Edinburgh Plaques: Have a Memorable Funeral for Your Family in 2018

When a loved one passes, it is moment to grieve. People often feel an immense sense of loss and sadness. During this period, the most important thing to do is pay proper respect to the deceased and focus on preserving the memory. There are many different ways to do this. Every religion, tradition, or country has its own way. Nonetheless, making a plaque is an excellent way to get started. You can find plaques edinburgh area here.

As a matter of fact, plaques have been around for a very long time. People not only use it for gravestones but to identify many different things. Modern technology has made it possible to create top-of-the-line plaques which endured the erosion of time. If you live in Edinburgh and you are the lookout for a proper plaque manufacturer, check out The Engraving Workshop.

Take a look at The Engraving Workshop

There are many different plaques manufacturers in town but very few has been on the business for long time. That is the case of The Engraving Workshop. It was established in 1999 and since then, it has dedicated to providing the best and most beautiful industrial and commercial engravings in town.

Up to date with technology

This company has evolved throughout the year to keep up with technology. Nonetheless, it uses both traditional and modern engravings methods depending on your needs. Likewise, it offers a specialized design and engraving service for every type of client there is.

It has a team of expert engravers

This company is composed of team of expert engravers properly trained to work with a wide range of materials which include: brass, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, slate, acrylic and plastic. You can choose any or several of these materials for your plaque. Once you hire the services of this company, you get a personalized meeting to design your request. At the end of the day, you will get a plaque tailored towards your needs.

Plenty of years of experience

This business has over 75 years of accumulative experience in its staff. Hiring a business which has sufficient experience is always appreciated. That way you know that you are getting the best possible service for your money. With that said, it is advisable to hire a company with at least 15 years of experience. The Engraving Workshop has exactly 19 years.


Choosing a business that has good prices and excellent quality services can be a pickle but it is not impossible. Generally, plaques usually can cost as much as a few hundred dollars. Of course these costs tend to vary depending on the materials you employ and the size you choose. Always remember that if you want the best of the best, it won’t come cheap. The Engraving Workshop has settled as a business with very competitive rates. Customers always state that the plaques are affordable and the quality is good.

Take into account of all this information and give a chance to The Engraving Workshop in Edinburgh.