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   Our Services: How Can We Help?

Our intial focus is on the primary victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault with many of our services tailored specifically towards dealing with immediate crises and then providing support and assistance along the path of healing.

We also offer services and support to the secondary victims (family, friends, community) of those crimes and work at providing educational opportunities for the community, schools, support professionals and local organizations.

  The level of services that we offer has expanded over the years to further meet the needs of our clients and communities and we strive to accomodate whatever changes the future requires.

Call Us - We're Here For You: (715)-362-6841 or 1-800-236-1222
Who Do We Help?
Those people affected by:
  • Child Sexual Abuse/Incest
  • Adult Sexual Assault
  • Child Physical Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Elder Abuse

We also serve:
  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  • Survivors of Homicide
  • Victims of Violent Crimes